The Next Generation of Healthy Bio-Functional Proteins

MAOLAC is a biotech startup developing a "Protein Enrichment Platform" based on bovine colostrum in order to enrich human and animal foods & supplements.

Through the use of computational biology, MAOLAC is developing specifically formulated mixtures for infants, athletes, adults, elders, livestock, and pets that will strengthen their immune system and provide them with active and targeted immunological response against diseases & inflammations.


MAOLAC: Creating Bio-Active proteins for the food and supplements industry.

Combining the fractions in a variety of foods or supplements

Production of active immune-fractions tailored for infants, athletes, adults and animals

Algorithm for predicting tailored immune-boosting mixtures

Mother's milk proteins analysis using computational biology

Mother's milk is a huge source of active proteins

Colostrum: life’s liquid gold.

Colostrum is the first milk released by mammals in the first few days after birth.

It’s an important source of nutrients and contains high levels of antibodies (proteins that fight infections and bacteria). MAOLAC’s novel ingredients will enrich foods, formulas, supplements and even skincare products to stimulate the immune system of humans and animals and provide superior protection against diseases and inflammations

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