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סטריפ למובייל - לא למחוק!!

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About us

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Maolac is developing the Maolactin™ series - the next generation of bioactive. 

We use advanced AI and protein intelligence to introduce indication-specific functional proteins with a perfect fit for humans.

Maolac’s unique protein formulations are developed based on Maoreka™ – Maolac’s proprietary AI-based Proteomics Discovery Platform that helps us identify and then enrich specific groups of functional proteins, found in natural dairy or plant-based sources, that carry a high bio-similarity to functional proteins in human breast milk – the gold standard of functional nutrition

Making Headlines


Maolac leverages AI for bio-functional proteins targeting gut and immune systems


Scientists develop new supplement for adults designed to mirror breast milk which provides benefits for tackling inflammation, improving gut health and helping muscle recovery

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