MAOLAC's unique approach to healthy foods takes into consideration not only the nutritional value of a protein, but also its immunological value. MAOLAC has amassed a database of immune-relevant proteins found in bovine colostrum that have high homology to human proteins. Using computational biology, this database can be mined to create unique protein mixtures that address different immunological concerns (i.e anti-inflammatory effects for athletes).


MAOLAC's goal is to create a new standard for healthy foods, with Active Immune-Boosting Proteins. MAOLAC's production method was designed to be easy and scalable.

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For Humans

For Animals


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Active Proteins

Our Product 

We extract specific immunological fractions from bovine colostrum to provide humans and animals with active support to the immune system:
Active immunological response against Inflammations  &  Pathogens.

Our specially formulated nutrition, based on active-protein substances, offer better protection against diseases and inflammations to specific body targets

The Technology

MAOLAC is using computational biology to extract active (enriched) immunological fractions from colostrum for specific applications that enhance the immune system of humans and animals based on a pre-clinical trial and known immunological cascades.


 We created a human milk store with over 120 different samples

Identified 1,500 proteins 5x more than other companies

Analyzed & compared breastmilk samples and commercially available colostrum samples using mass spectrometry

Developed an algorithm to locate individual proteins present in breastmilk & colostrum that can be beneficial for different applications

Designed an effective, scalable process to ensure optimal absorption of the molecules in the bloodstream

Based on a unique delivery system


The Market

Substance production and/or IP licensing (business case dependent), to leading organizations in the food, nutrition and supplement industries

The need

Elevated risks of infectious morbidity, childhood obesity, diabetes, leukemia, and sudden infant death syndrome caused by an immature immune system

Infants & Babies


The need

Suffer from inflammations caused by high intensity


Sports activists

The need

Suffer from diseases caused by a degraded immune system



The need

Suffer from diseases that could have been prevented

Pets & Livestock


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