Breastfeeding is the Apex of Human Nutrition. MAOLAC harnesses the benefits of mother's milk by using over 1400 functional proteins.

MAOLAC's unique approach to healthy foods takes into consideration not only the nutritional value of a protein but also its immunological effect.

MAOLAC's proteins are fully capable of enriching and integrating with a myriad of foods, supplements, and even skincare products.

MAOLAC's bio-active impact nutrition stimulates the immune system and provides superior protection for both humans & animals.

MAOLAC's production method was designed to be easy and scalable.

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MAOLAC's Proteins

MAOLAC Proteins are sourced from milk and its derivatives. Mammal milk is an important source of nutrients and contains high levels of antibodies (proteins that fight infections and bacteria). MAOLAC’s novel ingredients will enrich foods, formulas, supplements, and even skincare products to stimulate the immune system of humans and animals and provide superior protection against diseases and inflammations


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Our Product 

We extract specific immunological fractions from milk and its derivatives to provide humans and animals with active immunological responses against inflammations  &  pathogens.

Our specially formulated ingredients, based on bio-active proteins and a unique delivery system, offer better protection against a variety of ailments

The Technology

MAOLAC is using computational biology to extract active (enriched) immunological fractions from milk and its derivatives for specific applications that enhance the immune system of humans and animals based on a pre-clinical trial and known immunological cascades.


Bio-Functional Proteins

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Novel Ingredients


MAOLAC's lab-scale pilot succeeded in enriching its product with key anti-inflammatory proteins with high (>95%) homology to human breastmilk proteins.

In Vitro- cell culture experiment using immune system cells (PBMC) has shown:

  1. a strong and significant decrease in the activation of T cells in the presence of the MAOLAC proteins.

  2. a strong and significant decrease in INFγ central inflammatory factor, including CD4 and CD8 cells (octahedral in the presence of anti-CD3)

An in-vivo preliminary experiment in rats has shown that MAOLAC's delivery system allows a controlled release of MAOLAC proteins in oral administration from the gut into the bloodstream.

Computational biology, comparing human breast milk  VS. Mammals' milk and its derivatives. 


The Market

The need

Elevated risks of infectious morbidity, childhood obesity, diabetes, leukemia, and sudden infant death syndrome caused by an immature immune system

Infants & Babies

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The need

Suffer from inflammations caused by high intensity


Sports activists

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The need

Suffer from diseases caused by a degraded immune system



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The need

Suffer from diseases that could have been prevented

Pets & Livestock